Thursday, 23 August 2012

How style will travel

Just quickly,
 had to share with you a photo of a Bluebell Grey Tote on vacation in the Maldives....
Courtesy of one of our most treasured clients, she who is the one sitting on the deck in the Maldives
 sending me gorgeous photos!
Thank you Stacey.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

More yabbering on about flowers

image from

image from

With Spring looming I thought I might do some more yabbering about flowers and how easy it can be to have a gorgeous display!
I am a big fan of anything en masse but especially flowers.
First decide on the vessel and get lots of them in various sizes. Old jars, medicine bottles, tin cans, options are endless once you start looking with intent.
Flower choice, mmmm so many choices however think about how you want to feel when you look at the final arrangement, i.e happy, calm, elegant, carefree, alternative.
This makes your selection easier, because once you tune into your reaction when looking at individual blooms you will be able to group them.
Layout your vases where you would like them and if possible have your flowers close by so you have a clear visual. Then start selecting individual stems and placing them.
If space is limited then go for a jam packed single vase like the first image.
Don't forget to look around the garden for greenery.
Have fun.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


We are doing the table and stage decorations for the Ita Buttrose lunch next week so I am leafing through my Grandiflora Celebrations - Saskia Havekes for inspiration.
As you can see by the second image (courtesy of Vogue Living Australia) Saskia produces amazing free form work that I adore.

I wanted to share a snippet from her book because her words completely resonate with me and I thought there might be a few of you that feel the same!

"I always feel like a tightly stretched elastic band but maybe that's the part of the creative process, having that tension - for me it is. It's important to be mindful not to let it get too out of hand, utilising tension to push you forward into a creative spell"

I recently had some beautiful dusky pink lissianthus and disbuds in store so I might use something like them but then rough it up a bit, I don't want it to look too romantic.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Handy work

 Something about making your own bread that is so satisfying, teaming it with a lamb, coriander & garlic curry - lots of, oh and a glass or two of red wine equals happiness.

How great is the mortar and pestle, it is cast iron, crazy heavy but man does it make short work of, well anything you put in it!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Absence, Manhattan and hearts growing....

Given that Ipswich was recently compared to MANHATTAN you read correct not a typo... I thought it only fitting that upon return from what seems like a really long absence - did you miss me? (no need to answer that..) I share this swanky Manhattan apartment.

The interior is.....styled to within an inch of itself a little too contrived for me personally BUT what I do like is the exterior! I wonder if Mr Choat has some development plans for Ipy....
I also really like the forever stylish black and white check floor in the foyer.
Just because you have a generous room size doesn't mean you have to fill it entirely.
Sometimes less is more and for me this apartment could do with a little relaxing.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Porters, Anna & Catherine



 Hope you're ready to sit and have a cuppa....just a little long this morning.
Heading into Brisbane tonight for Anna Spiro's launch of her wallpaper range in collaboration with Porters Paints.
We have been long time fans of Porters Paints - using it at home and then in the shop renovation, some 4 years ago!!
We still get people commenting on the Dandelion Wallpaper, and it continues to inspire people to push themselves out of their comfort zone (just a little) when decorating.

I congratulate Anna on her range she has designed, it is fresh and contemporary and like the other designers who have worked with Porters you can see the individuals style in their designs.
In complete contrast is Catherine Martin's designs, I love the impact of her designs, be it on set or on a wall.

Needless to say looking forward to tonight!

Monday, 14 May 2012

The White Issue

A girlfriend of mine who has a similar penchant for all things Vogue and glossy asked me to help put her collection to rest ( as now they have children she really does need the room )
Of course I came to the rescue and loaded the car with a million Vogue magazines.
I have used them as tiles and side table in our current window display.
Getting lots of compliments - thank you.
In going through picking out which issues to use I found this little beauty;
The White Issue
So I thought I would share it with you plus in the coming weeks a few other issues that made me stop and sit down.
This glorious white issue has some beautiful images but it was the last page of 10 Favourite White Things (according to Jasper Conran that is) that I really enjoyed because it stands to prove that classic is always timeless and it got me thinking...

  1. White China                                                            6. White Suits
  2. White Rooms                                                          7. White Shirts
  3. White Linen                                                            8. White Linen Bedsheets
  4. My dogs white paws (okay not so classic)             9. White Towels
  5. White Peonies                                                        10. White Hens

Needless to say I am now sorting my list of 10 fav white things, so without much thought it goes;
marble, linen anything, feathers, ice-cream, porcelain, teeth, Claire Austin Rose....
OK that's 7 off the top of my head, 3 more....hmmm, sand, towels AND bath robes - you know the big fluffy ones you get in really nice hotels

Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday Flower Fest

With Mother's Day this Sunday I had all the more reason to go crazy at the flower markets this week. 
I did another run this morning and stocked up on the traditional and the not so traditional Chrysanthemums, the top photo is called Amalfi, a chrysanthemum, then some pretty hyacinths, amazing fragrance and the bottom (best til last) is the Disbud Chrysanthemum - my fav.
Good things.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Timeless Interiors

Axel Vervoordt – I stumbled across Axel while trawling antique sites and have been a complete fan ever since. I managed to source his book,  Timeless Interiors. These two images are from that book.

Axel is an antique dealer and collector based in Belgium. He hit the public radar with his magnificent display of recovered ming vases at the 1984 Antiques Fair in Paris.

This room has such a relaxed feel at the same time being very “done” if that makes sense. Uncluttered lines combined with the harmonious colour, it is well put together.  The Hans vase housing the oversized fern branch on the antique Chinese console, I love the way it drapes itself across – eluding to that relaxed nature of the room.

I will continue to share pages that inspire.
ps: let me know if you would like you’re very own copy

Friday, 4 May 2012

Old Things New Ways

I know, carnations... really, I hear you say BUT look at these colours. Imagine mixed bunches spilling over out of a vase or pick one colour and mix it up as I have with the hot pink and the tetragona nuts. With one bunch you can have several arrangements in the house - just get creative, single stems in individual vessels - go crazy.
Just what a Friday needs, a little bit of crazy.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Procrastination at its best

Ah yes that time of year again, well it comes around every few months really...BAS - sigh. So as any serious procrastinator knows you can only do paper work in a aesthetically pleasing environment.
So today I used this as work space inspiration....

and here is the reality...not too bad, I just have to imagine a beautifully laden fruit tree in the background. x

Now to sit down and actually start - although I really am quite thirsty now, better go get coffee.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


As one occasion passes another is on the horizon. We are very fortunate to have limited numbers of Glasshouse Mother's Day Limited Edition candle - SASSAFRAS, blackberry and tea rose. As always smells divine. This is going to be huge, it is already in House & Garden as well as on The Beauty Directory, a go to website for the entire beauty industry has also featured Sassafras as their top pic for mother’s day.
It includes a gorgeous little cosmetic bag, very Cath Kidston, very adorable. RRP $43
Seriously be quick on this one.

Now of course there needs to be fleurs, Chrysanthemum are the traditional Mother's Day flower - I know you're thinking yes traditional but a tad boring???
Don't despair, Chrysanthemum Disbuds are here to save the day - I bought some last week at the auctions and the photo below I took this morning...proof is in the pudding people (pudding, what a great idea)

Now I just need to get my kids to read this and all will be well.
ps: call/reply/message me if you would like to order any flowers or candles

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Bunny, break, and lamb...

Easter is upon us and for many that means a nice few days off - Yay!
 If you happen to find yourself in Paris or Provence you could celebrate Easter with milk fed lamb at  Alain Ducasse’s restaurants. They welcome you to savour a special dish based on milk-fed lamb,  original recipes with this tender meat, lightly spiced from the maternal tenderness of the sheep.

Personally I'm always up for some lamb, Paris or not. May not be milk fed but definitely slow roasted..

I changed the window displays earlier in the week and it has been so nice seeing and hearing the kids get excited when they spot the eggs in the windows.

Province hours for Easter:
Friday          Closed
Saturday      9am - 12pm
Sunday        Closed
Monday       Closed
Tuesday       Closed
Wednesday  10am - 2pm

So where ever and how ever you celebrate Easter - enjoy.

Monday, 2 April 2012

The little things

So we had some of our stock feature in Saturday's Courier Mail LIFE lift out - thank you Paddy Hintz. We had photography done a few weeks ago and I didn't know when it was going in so the best bit was getting an email Saturday morning from a reader asking about thefaux topiary...I was oh oh it's in, it's in! 
It's the little things isn't it, like receiving a bag of homegrown goodies that was just begging to be apart of some Thai creation - thank you Brent!