Thursday, 26 July 2012


We are doing the table and stage decorations for the Ita Buttrose lunch next week so I am leafing through my Grandiflora Celebrations - Saskia Havekes for inspiration.
As you can see by the second image (courtesy of Vogue Living Australia) Saskia produces amazing free form work that I adore.

I wanted to share a snippet from her book because her words completely resonate with me and I thought there might be a few of you that feel the same!

"I always feel like a tightly stretched elastic band but maybe that's the part of the creative process, having that tension - for me it is. It's important to be mindful not to let it get too out of hand, utilising tension to push you forward into a creative spell"

I recently had some beautiful dusky pink lissianthus and disbuds in store so I might use something like them but then rough it up a bit, I don't want it to look too romantic.

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