Thursday, 29 March 2012

Green in NY

I think it's public knowledge of my love for fresh flowers and anything related. So naturally I adore this florist store Saipua in NY that is featured on today's daily imprint.  So unique I had to share. Great article.

It reminded me of this image I have on file, that I'll now share with you to save on your file perhaps.
Happy thoughts.

Monday, 26 March 2012

French trends

Just received the new edition of Country Homes magazine with our new ad in. I love the grainy texture of the photograph. All due respect to Jason MacNamara from pintsize  who does great things with a camera.

If you would like to re-create the table setting as on the cover,  we have Belgium Linen available by the meter, and vintage French wine bottles in stock.  

Belgium Linen $65 p/m

Vintage French Wine Bottles (empty..)

Select some foliage and hey presto you have a beautiful table setting just waiting for some wine, cheese and friends to share. 

 (Province: 07) 34961183 / 0434110811)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Healthy Approach

 Wow, busy couple of weeks - I have cleared piles of books, stock, files and paperwork and guess what I keyboard! Will give more info on the busy-ness soon.
Back on track and all with a renewed healthy focus. These last couple of weeks I realised how easy it is to get lost in work/life that you don't really allow time for yourself, especially being owner/operator of a small business and mother to 3....
Tired of feeling tired, so over it! We only get out in accordance to what we put in right, so I sat down with my scrummy healthy sandwich and devised a list of ways of which I can put in more, ultimately, so I can give out more.
I love the wheat grass on the coffee table, and also the organic grocer's, organic - down to the locally sourced timber for display shelves. I think you would feel healthier for just being in there. It reminds me of the Sourced Grocer in Teneriffe (last image) a really great selection of organic local produce - YUM
So I'm off for my glass of hot water with lemon juice, swiftly followed by freshly brewed coffee.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Arts, Crafts and Cafes

Wow Friday afternoon, such a busy week! We attended the exhibition opening of  'the tree of man' by our dear friend Andrew Spark last night at the SWICH contemporary art space.
Great night and impressive turnout in support of Andrew - congratulations Mr Spark!

On the shop front, some very nice new jewellery in store by clever sister design duo,  their brand is Zatini - very organic and beautiful colour palette.


Earlier in the week we assisted fourthchild in the acquisition of an amazing piece of art work by Gary Abkin and Andrew Spark. Gary Abkin collaborated with Andrew Spark on Abkin + Spark: live action painting for Animated Spaces: Alive with Music, Theatre, Poetry & Visual Art. The result of this collaboration, an 8 x 2.1 metre artwork, is now hanging on the wall at fourthchild.

We are open through til 7pm on Friday nights, so with all this action around us be sure to come visit.
Saturday 9am - 2pm and Sunday 10am - 1pm
Have a great week end.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Balance & Harmony

Hands up who would like a little of the above??

I was reading somewhere recently where someone was asking the question can there be too much symmetry?

My immediate thought was no. 

I love a sense of balance and harmony and for me balancing things out creates that harmony.
Strangely enough though when I'm playing with vignettes I like objects in 3's....

This photo is from one of our stockist so stay tuned for some gorgeous new stock coming, but
I thought this would be a good image to test the symmetry limit.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.