Friday, 23 March 2012

Healthy Approach

 Wow, busy couple of weeks - I have cleared piles of books, stock, files and paperwork and guess what I keyboard! Will give more info on the busy-ness soon.
Back on track and all with a renewed healthy focus. These last couple of weeks I realised how easy it is to get lost in work/life that you don't really allow time for yourself, especially being owner/operator of a small business and mother to 3....
Tired of feeling tired, so over it! We only get out in accordance to what we put in right, so I sat down with my scrummy healthy sandwich and devised a list of ways of which I can put in more, ultimately, so I can give out more.
I love the wheat grass on the coffee table, and also the organic grocer's, organic - down to the locally sourced timber for display shelves. I think you would feel healthier for just being in there. It reminds me of the Sourced Grocer in Teneriffe (last image) a really great selection of organic local produce - YUM
So I'm off for my glass of hot water with lemon juice, swiftly followed by freshly brewed coffee.

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