Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas In Province

Sunday saw us launch Christmas in Province as well as the start of Sunday trade!

I am a natural girl at heart so there will always be hessian, linen, nature in general but this year we accompanied these organic elements with bright bold colours! So of course it was hot pink ribbon to secure the hessian to the lillypilly christmas trees.

But really nature itself provides a perfect example of how to bring colour into your my earthy palette...

We have an abundance of these great paper origami decorations, various shapes and colours. I really like the green & white with the black & white ones piled high in this brass jar.

Our simple understated Christmas windows this year are all about the colour. I love the way bursts of colour can make you feel, and going off  all your comments and purchases I think it's safe to say I'm not alone in my new found appreciation of bold brights.  Fianlly a B I G shout out to Brad from Plants Plus Raceview - he supplied us with these healthy lillypilly trees  - thanks Brad!
 Have a great week.