Monday, 24 June 2013

Alice May Diamond

Mortality....something we are all very aware of yet at the same time has the ability to take you by surprise.
Such a force, smothers you in a fog...people don't know what to do or say, but how can they when you're not sure yourself what to do or say?
I have spent the past few days preparing for the loss of my Gran, I say preparing but in hindsight I was merely waiting for the call.
The call came, she has gone, no more angst, no more pain.
Precious memories I now try to preserve as I fear the loss of them along with the loss of her.
In  a world so busy and pressurised it really is hard to be able to stop and allow yourself the time to process emotions - with so much technological advancement why do I feel so hindered?
Time to surround yourself with love, to take time to absorb the little things, those little things that so easily go unnoticed.  
Time for good food, good wine, family and friends.
Alice May Diamond - love you.