Thursday, 29 September 2011

Leading Design

We are very excited to share with you our newest addition of eco-friendly designs for your home with this collection from designer Loz Abberton of Who Did That. Fashion informs her choice of shapes and designs, and a respect for the environment influences Loz’s selection of future-friendly materials. Loz likes to use plantation ply and bamboo in her designs as “they smell wonderful and retain a flexibility and durability that evokes their source.” All designs are hand printed in Loz’s studio based on the Carlton Bluff headland in Tasmania, Australia.
We have in store the Baroque, each Grandelier is made from chain of custody blackwood coated in GECA wood wax.
These Flora-friendly Baroque Grandeliers make a luminous statement in any room.   Each Grandelier can do double duty as either a hanging pendant light or floor/sideboard lamp. The Grandelier Baroque comes with a pendant or floor lamp flex cord.  Designed and made locally as a social and environmental choice, the whimsical chandeliers are flat-packed for easy transporting and tool-free assembly.
I love the contemporary design with a traditional aspect.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday Must Have

Fresh in today, are these gorgeous South American roses - Malibu. We are selling them by the stem so you can have 1 or 10. Bunched, they are stopping people in their step, but a single stem in an old bottle would be equally striking.
Have a great week end.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Lazy Days

Spring time and school holidays, what better way to enjoy this beautiful weather and entertain the kids than a picnic in a grassy field or a sunny spot in the back yard! 

Friday, 16 September 2011

Province Today

I've had a lovely morning re-arranging a corner in the store inspired by the beautiful Spring blue skies and the burgundy liliums they were the starting point. I really enjoy how easy a space can take on a different mood with the simple addition/removal of a few items. As always lighting, soft furnishings and fresh flowers are the 3 key components I always compose a room around.
If you have the chance drop in as we have lots of new items in store, for those of you not local if you desire anything just call me and I can make specific arrangements for you.
Have a great week end.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Shop Windows

Found this shot of our windows while going through files the other day. The shop front was the reason I pursued the agent, I placed many phone calls to the agent about 197 Brisbane Street, every call he told me how long the current tenant had been there and that he wasn't going anywhere! and every time I replied with, 'yes, but that's the shop I want'. Until one day the agent said to me, well actually....
At the time the all the nickel trim was painted black and there was that much dirt and grime on the surround it wasn't until we started to clean it, we discovered it was black glass - very exciting afternoon that was. Inside the windows they had very old grey carpet and a wire cage thing in them, very fetching to passers by...
This shot is really about the glass component, taken through the day so lots of reflection but it is our very first window display.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Love it

Orange and pink...who'd a thought! It's all about proportion isn't it. Little girls room - traditional soft pink probably one of the first colours people would think of, zesty orange probably a bit further down on the list, pastel pink and zesty orange together most likely not even on the list.
Top it off with fantastic photography or some groovy artwork and you have one very unique, personalised room that I for one would be very happy in.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Light the way

There's something special the way light can create a mood.  It refracts, throw shadows, creates ambiance, all this with a simple flick of a switch.
Big lover of lamps, I have them everywhere, even in the kitchen.
For me lamps are the icing on the cake, however in saying that, I do love statement lighting. Nothing quite like beautiful fabric pendant shades, vintage chandeliers, or modern inventions with raw material.(stay tuned for news on that front )
This is a photo of a cluster of pendants we installed in the store and they have become adored from far and wide. Beautiful pendants from Egypt.

Monday, 5 September 2011


I was fortunate enough to attend The Ipswich Art Gallery's Annual Foundation Dinner on Friday night. This night is always enjoyed immensely for many reasons but the highlight for me was meeting Gwyn Pigott. This lady who is so talented spoke so effortlessly about her work and how she enjoys the way one installation has so many different faces depending on where you are looking at it.
I for one left the gallery that night with her words resonating, because I thought it applies not only in art but in every day life.