Monday, 12 September 2011

Shop Windows

Found this shot of our windows while going through files the other day. The shop front was the reason I pursued the agent, I placed many phone calls to the agent about 197 Brisbane Street, every call he told me how long the current tenant had been there and that he wasn't going anywhere! and every time I replied with, 'yes, but that's the shop I want'. Until one day the agent said to me, well actually....
At the time the all the nickel trim was painted black and there was that much dirt and grime on the surround it wasn't until we started to clean it, we discovered it was black glass - very exciting afternoon that was. Inside the windows they had very old grey carpet and a wire cage thing in them, very fetching to passers by...
This shot is really about the glass component, taken through the day so lots of reflection but it is our very first window display.


  1. Certainly glad you guys are there now! ;-)

    Trying to work out from the reflection the shop across the road. BTW can you recall who were in the shops (borh sides of Brisbane St) from West to Ellenborough Street when you moved in??


  2. Hi gIL, yes I think I can cover most of that, on my left was Fabrics Galore and right was H20 Babies. H20 moved and then Underworld Games (which was at the time occupying our shop)with it's new owner they relocated next door - freeing up 197 Brisbane Street!Where you are now was vacant after a white goods rental business closed, then Deann's opened. AWL. Before Mortgage Choice it was a cheque cashing place. Vintage Advantage was yet to open, it was vacant. Cross Stitch operated in full capacity and not long after we opened Gemutlich opened up in the front part of Cactus.
    Across the road Players, Harcourts, Crystal Rock Cafe, Ray White, Vacant and the Bridgeworks.
    The reflection is the original exterior of Players.