Monday, 26 March 2012

French trends

Just received the new edition of Country Homes magazine with our new ad in. I love the grainy texture of the photograph. All due respect to Jason MacNamara from pintsize  who does great things with a camera.

If you would like to re-create the table setting as on the cover,  we have Belgium Linen available by the meter, and vintage French wine bottles in stock.  

Belgium Linen $65 p/m

Vintage French Wine Bottles (empty..)

Select some foliage and hey presto you have a beautiful table setting just waiting for some wine, cheese and friends to share. 

 (Province: 07) 34961183 / 0434110811)


  1. great idea, i love seeing your ad's in my fav magazines, just can't wait till the new house is built and can decorate.

    1. Thank you - I still like flicking through and seeing it, always makes me smile.
      Happy building.