Monday, 14 May 2012

The White Issue

A girlfriend of mine who has a similar penchant for all things Vogue and glossy asked me to help put her collection to rest ( as now they have children she really does need the room )
Of course I came to the rescue and loaded the car with a million Vogue magazines.
I have used them as tiles and side table in our current window display.
Getting lots of compliments - thank you.
In going through picking out which issues to use I found this little beauty;
The White Issue
So I thought I would share it with you plus in the coming weeks a few other issues that made me stop and sit down.
This glorious white issue has some beautiful images but it was the last page of 10 Favourite White Things (according to Jasper Conran that is) that I really enjoyed because it stands to prove that classic is always timeless and it got me thinking...

  1. White China                                                            6. White Suits
  2. White Rooms                                                          7. White Shirts
  3. White Linen                                                            8. White Linen Bedsheets
  4. My dogs white paws (okay not so classic)             9. White Towels
  5. White Peonies                                                        10. White Hens

Needless to say I am now sorting my list of 10 fav white things, so without much thought it goes;
marble, linen anything, feathers, ice-cream, porcelain, teeth, Claire Austin Rose....
OK that's 7 off the top of my head, 3 more....hmmm, sand, towels AND bath robes - you know the big fluffy ones you get in really nice hotels


  1. Super thrilled that my chair has featured in your window and now on your blog! Can't wait to bring it home to The White House. S xx

    1. I can't wait to visit the White House! x