Thursday, 24 May 2012

Porters, Anna & Catherine



 Hope you're ready to sit and have a cuppa....just a little long this morning.
Heading into Brisbane tonight for Anna Spiro's launch of her wallpaper range in collaboration with Porters Paints.
We have been long time fans of Porters Paints - using it at home and then in the shop renovation, some 4 years ago!!
We still get people commenting on the Dandelion Wallpaper, and it continues to inspire people to push themselves out of their comfort zone (just a little) when decorating.

I congratulate Anna on her range she has designed, it is fresh and contemporary and like the other designers who have worked with Porters you can see the individuals style in their designs.
In complete contrast is Catherine Martin's designs, I love the impact of her designs, be it on set or on a wall.

Needless to say looking forward to tonight!

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