Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Simple Pleasures

Easter fun 
Mother's Day prettiness
Simple pleasures wrapped in string
New stock in beautiful autumnal colours

Saying that most of us live a hectic crazy busy life, is not too broad a statement.  Seriously I don't know anyone that is looking for something to do on a daily basis. During our day we are often surrounded by chaos, be it traffic, work, a sporting event or even the groceries...that at times can be a game changer right there, isle 3... 
Why am I going on about this? Because people this is why home is so important.  Create a haven that encapsulates you allowing the stress of the day to dissolve. Whether your home is a room, tent, caravan or mansion, don't allow the external composition deter you from making a few adjustments to the interior. It does not have to be major but think about what makes you smile or feel relaxed and introduce an element of that into your space. For me, it's plants, greenery, foliage and natural textiles. Linen, wool, leather, timber, glass any or all of them, love them. 

Below is an image, (courtesy of TDF) that demonstrates how simple a space can be that imparts happiness. Happy Tuesday to you. x 

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