Thursday, 7 February 2013

Away for a bit...


Thursday and a few big days ahead! We are off to Noosa for a couple of days for a family gathering....good times. Unfortunately this means the store will be closed from 2pm today until 10am Monday. Before I go here are some scrummy dark images to fan the desire to be creative.

As you can see, going dark doesn't mean you have to start wearing black overcoats and two shades lighter foundation and listening to gothic metal bands.  It can be as little as some divine porcelain dishes for serving blanched green beans, roasted carrots, what ever the stomach desires with an alluring dark tablecloth. Banish the crisp clean white tablecloth, we all know it only stays white for a nano second before someone drips the gravy!

The two interior images show how to bring in lighter elements to lift the depth, notice how everything against the darker colours really comes to life and has a real impact in the room.

Next week will touch on the lighting to enhance such drama and mood. Til then enjoy your week end.

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