Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kitchen Love

With a new kitchen on the horizon (very distant horizon) I have of course fast forward to the aesthetics of the room and started compiling my, "mmmmm I like that" file.
First cab off the rank is this kitchen from Willow Decor...if only I wasn't so hard up for storage I could seriously sacrifice the island bench idea. I adore the black trim on the windows and door.

Then there is this kitchen, again off Willow Decor, I really like the no wall cupboards approach. Lots of windows again, love the green and white, would I spoil it too much if I painted the trim black?? Obviously there will have to be marble involved.....
Anyway it's a starting point, or I could say it's food for thought but that would just be too cheesy!
Ok I'll stop now, but would love some feedback!!

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