Friday, 7 October 2011

Morning Bliss

I know it's very cliched but you really don't appreciate something until it is gone. My exercise routine went out the window at the beginning of the year and I have recently re-commenced my morning run (jog-walk-stagger-crawl).
Now I know you're thinking you missed self inflicted physical exertion?? But here's the thing, after about 5 mins I noticed how quiet it was, I noticed how clean everything looked with the morning dew still lying, I noticed the lorikeets feeding on the beautiful native flowers that are all in bloom, and then I realised how much I have missed this. This quiet uninterrupted time where my thoughts are all my own and I can think about as much or as little as I like.
So here's to  moments of unexpected happiness - may you all have a little every day.

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