Thursday, 19 April 2012


As one occasion passes another is on the horizon. We are very fortunate to have limited numbers of Glasshouse Mother's Day Limited Edition candle - SASSAFRAS, blackberry and tea rose. As always smells divine. This is going to be huge, it is already in House & Garden as well as on The Beauty Directory, a go to website for the entire beauty industry has also featured Sassafras as their top pic for mother’s day.
It includes a gorgeous little cosmetic bag, very Cath Kidston, very adorable. RRP $43
Seriously be quick on this one.

Now of course there needs to be fleurs, Chrysanthemum are the traditional Mother's Day flower - I know you're thinking yes traditional but a tad boring???
Don't despair, Chrysanthemum Disbuds are here to save the day - I bought some last week at the auctions and the photo below I took this morning...proof is in the pudding people (pudding, what a great idea)

Now I just need to get my kids to read this and all will be well.
ps: call/reply/message me if you would like to order any flowers or candles

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Bunny, break, and lamb...

Easter is upon us and for many that means a nice few days off - Yay!
 If you happen to find yourself in Paris or Provence you could celebrate Easter with milk fed lamb at  Alain Ducasse’s restaurants. They welcome you to savour a special dish based on milk-fed lamb,  original recipes with this tender meat, lightly spiced from the maternal tenderness of the sheep.

Personally I'm always up for some lamb, Paris or not. May not be milk fed but definitely slow roasted..

I changed the window displays earlier in the week and it has been so nice seeing and hearing the kids get excited when they spot the eggs in the windows.

Province hours for Easter:
Friday          Closed
Saturday      9am - 12pm
Sunday        Closed
Monday       Closed
Tuesday       Closed
Wednesday  10am - 2pm

So where ever and how ever you celebrate Easter - enjoy.

Monday, 2 April 2012

The little things

So we had some of our stock feature in Saturday's Courier Mail LIFE lift out - thank you Paddy Hintz. We had photography done a few weeks ago and I didn't know when it was going in so the best bit was getting an email Saturday morning from a reader asking about thefaux topiary...I was oh oh it's in, it's in! 
It's the little things isn't it, like receiving a bag of homegrown goodies that was just begging to be apart of some Thai creation - thank you Brent!