Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crucifix Hill


Being Sunday I thought it would be fitting to post about my crucifix fetish, and where better to start then with Crucifix Hill.
The story goes like this,  In a field near the north of Sialuliai in Lithuania, there are literally millions of crucifixes and religious icons piled on top of another. According to an old saying, the first crucifix was placed by a father, who wanted to pray to God for his gravely ill daughter. The father wandered with his cross to the hill. He raised it at the highest point and asked God for forgiveness and to make his daughter well again. After his prayers he returned home and found that his daughter had been cured by a miracle. People then began to make a pilgrimage to the hill.  Always with a crucifix or icon that they left behind. This act was dedicated to God.

I've often thought what it would be like to visit Crucifix Hill, I imagine it would be quite overwhelming. The energy all those prayers, pleas, hopes and wishes would carry.

On a lighter note, I love that if you make your pilgrimage to Crucifix Hill only to discover you have forgotten your religious icon, don't worry as they have stalls there so you can quickly grab yourself an icon!

I have several iconic pieces floating around the house, my absolute favourite is my antique set of rosary beads from a French Nunnery.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cool Art

Going through my emails this morning and loved the stock from Canvas & Canvas so thought I would share my 2 fav's.  I think the first one is more about the complete look as I'm not normally an "owl" kinda girl but I really like the way the whole feel is very natural. The use of the green glass demijohn w magnolia foliage against the wood grain of the desk and stool, I like it.
And, well shoes...say no more!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bricks & Mortar

NEW in today -How great are these vintage brick molds! Love, love, love them! Thinking pot up some herbs and have them handy on the kitchen bench or great desk tidy!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Green thumb

          How great is this for an entry - I wouldn't mind coming home to that everyday..sigh.

                                                             My friend symmetry

                                                           Quaint cottage appeal
                     Now I know this is inside but it looked so cool and inviting I added it in.

Notice the one thing that is consistent through out....greenery! Don't underestimate the power of foliage, it doesn't have to be a grand arrangement just needs to be glossy and green. So go forth and potter. Have a great week end.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kitchen Love

With a new kitchen on the horizon (very distant horizon) I have of course fast forward to the aesthetics of the room and started compiling my, "mmmmm I like that" file.
First cab off the rank is this kitchen from Willow Decor...if only I wasn't so hard up for storage I could seriously sacrifice the island bench idea. I adore the black trim on the windows and door.

Then there is this kitchen, again off Willow Decor, I really like the no wall cupboards approach. Lots of windows again, love the green and white, would I spoil it too much if I painted the trim black?? Obviously there will have to be marble involved.....
Anyway it's a starting point, or I could say it's food for thought but that would just be too cheesy!
Ok I'll stop now, but would love some feedback!!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Light the way

Gee Monday again....I'm not going to say anything about how fast the days are flying by because my 14y.o daughter asked me yesterday if I noticed how the older people get the more they talk about "how fast the days go"...soooo,  wow Monday already!!
Want to share with you Queensland designer Loz Abberton who is responsible for the fantastic Baroque pendants we have in store.

We have one each of the lamp and pendant in Blackwood as shown in the above photograph. They come flat packed and wait for it... no tool assembly! 


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Colour Positive

Some might say it is because of the decidedly English weather we have been having that made me go weak at the knees...but this photo from The Design Files of Heather Nette King's home really made me feel good. Crisp clean whites with rich strong colour, perfect balance in my opinion.
Weather aside, there is no disputing how colour can transcend ones mood.
Now I'm off to the garden with secateurs and intent!